(where you create your reality)

(where you are the co-creator)

(that leaves trauma and drama at the door)

(where there's no rules or expectations)

(for your pleasure)

(for your self-inquiry)

A Manifestation Playground

Here we play within the realm of the art AND science of manifestation. It’s a dance. And it’s a guarantee. If you want a fail-proof + easy-to-execute process to manifest ANYTHING in your life — from money to love, or even weight loss and more confidence — all you need to do is master the laws of creation… and I can teach you how. 

Manifestation gets to be simple. fun. limitless. guaranteed. 

To Quantum Manifest, You Need to Master the Laws of Creation

I can help you get there with soul, authenticity, and PLAY. My favorite opportunities...

Vibe High Club: a guaranteed manifestation process with DONE FOR YOU subconscious reprogramming, community, and easy to integrate practices that will make the art of manifestation just a part of who you are.

1:1 Quantum Manifestation Coaching: 3-6 month containers to go deep, unblock, and uplevel your entire life at quantum speed. 

Hello, I'm Janelle Lynne

I am a steward of the power and resource that is manifestation, which I believe is our birthright!

meet your quantum manifestation coach

Expansion— living on the edge of possibility — keeps me feeling alive. Motherhood, once unimaginable to me, revealed itself as the most punk rock and badass adventure of all. Throughout my life, I've manifested incredible experiences and transformations, continually seeking the extraordinary. Yet, specifically in the past three years I’ve honed in the exact system of manifestation, discovering how to consciously do it quickly and effectively. Now, I'm here to help you unlock your potential and manifest your wildest dreams.