Rotini and avocado pesto in a skillet with fresh basil, sausage, and mushrooms.

Creamy Avocado Pesto Pasta with Sausage and Mushrooms

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Creamy avocado pesto sauce for pasta alongside dark brown bread and fresh basil on a cement counter.

This creamy avocado pesto sauce is to die for— low in dairy, with lots of healthy fats to feed your brain<3

While I love this creamy avocado pesto sauce on anything (even toast), today I’m going to give you a recipe to serve it up with some pasta (I used rotini), sausage, and mushrooms. This sauce is very bright in flavor, so the bass notes of the mushrooms and sausage are a perfect match!

Avocados and basil made into a creamy avocado pesto sauce served with rotini pasta, sausage, and mushrooms in a skillet on a cement countertop.

Creamy Avocado Pesto

1 Avocado

1/4 Cup Parmesan Cheese, grated (vegan cheese also works fine)

1/4 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 Bunches (about 2 cups once leaves are removed from stems) of Fresh Basil

1 Lemon (I also like Lime for more punch)

2 tsp Celtic Sea Salt (or salt of your choice, but Celtic is great for hormone balancing)

Add all ingredients to a food processor and blend together till smooth! Easy<3

Zesty Sausage and Mushroom Pasta

2 Large Italian Chicken Sausages (or sausage/meat of your choice, about 1lb)

5 Large White Mushrooms (1.5 cup sliced)

8oz or 205 grams of Rotini Pasta

1 Cup Chicken Stock

1 Tbsp Grape Seed Oil

Black Pepper

Set your pasta water to boil/cook the pasta.

Add the sausage (I removed my casing) to a large non-stick skillet with the grapeseed oil at medium heat. Sear one side for about 2 min, then flip and break the meat up a bit. Add the mushrooms and mix for another 2 minutes, then turn down the heat to medium-low.

Once the meat is mostly cooked, add the one cup of chicken stock and leave to simmer together. Add the pasta to the simmering pan and toss together. Reduce heat all the way to low, and leave for another minute or so. Once the stock is mostly absorbed (you should only see a little in the pan when you move the pasta around), remove from the heat and add the creamy avocado pesto sauce. Toss together till it’s fully mixed and bright green. Serve hot and garnish with black pepper!

Creamy rotini pesto pasta with sausage and mushrooms on a cement countertop

That’s it! Enjoy:)



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    Incredible recipe that sounds un-deniability delicious! I am going to give it a go.

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