Human Design chart explaining the 12 digestion types as channeled by Ru Uru Ha.

Eating for Your Energy Type in Human Design

Human Design

Something that’s changed my life that’d I’d love to share a little bit about today is the first transformation (the top left arrow in your body graph chart) in human design. It’s about eating for your digestion type in human design.
I’ve been practicing and studying human design for a little over a year now, and its been life changing and incredibly freeing. HOWEVER, once I had been practicing a while, I noticed it was hard to find free and easy to understand  information that goes deeper than just the energy types. (Manifestor, manifesting generator, generator, projector, and reflector)
But, in particular, what interested me the most was the four transformations— the four little arrows on either side by the head pointing right or left. The four transformations are the 4 steps and phases of your life, to decondition and step into your best health and intuition. The first, is where you begin with the nourishment of your body and how you digest food AND information. It’s called your determination.

The first transformation, is where you begin with the nourishment of your body and how you digest food AND information.

Without getting too technical, I want to share about the 12 digestion types (determinations) based on that first arrow. Every one of us has that top left arrow pointing either right or left, with a coordinating “color” number. That will indicate one of these 12 digestion types shown in the photo of this post. Eating for your digestion type in human design doesn’t need to be too hard, it’s an experiment. Play with it.
Human Design chart explaining the 12 digestion types as channeled by Ru Uru Ha.
The first 3 “color” numbers are the more ancient determination styles, based more on how and what you take in. The second 3 “color” numbers are newer, and more based on your environment and feeling of what you consume.
I’m personally a 1 line, alternating digestion. This is one of the oldest digestion types— from when we were in gatherer societies. It’s all about pairing, and very passive. Its about discovery and investigation, whole foods, and simple combinations. For me, its about the alchemy of food, cooking, and very much so includes intuitively eating and consuming information in flow with my needs.
When I first discovered my human design digestion type, I thought I was DOOMED as a foodie (since there’s LITTLE information out there about it). Turns out, my alternating appetite is WHY I’m perfect for being such a foodie and chef.

Your determination in human design is not a curse, nor does it define you! Eating for your digestion type in human design is a map you need to personally interpret. This way you can reach your best nourishment, both physically and mentally.

The color lines are very closely associated with the profile lines— so the 2 lines are very natural and intuitive. It’s about what feels good to you naturally. Maybe you’re a 2 line, closed taste. You know what you like, and you’ve got some serious particularities. This isn’t actually something to shame, but rather to embrace. You might loooove a food and exclusively eat that for a while— then move on to something new. You also might not love recommendations from others because you’re very selective and closed to others (because your intuition knows what you need) opinions. Thats OK!

Here’s a quick rundown of the color lines:

  • 1st color lines are the oldest determination types and very seasonal. Consecutive is from hunter societies, with a more active digestion. It needs simple whole foods, and information from the source. It can’t hop around a lot, and usually need to focus on one food type or information study for a few days at a time. Alternating is more passive, and all about pairing and flow. It needs to hop around between a few subjects or foods. Alternating appetite is also very seasonal, but the seasons move much faster.
  • 2nd color lines are natural and intuitive. Open taste is very flow and experimental, you’ll love receiving information and food suggestions from the universe, and its very active. Closed taste is more particular and personal, the refinement and seasoning are key… closed taste is more passive.
  • 3rd color lines are experimental and experiential— its not just about hot food vs. cold food! You’ll want to play with what that means for you. I think it has a lot to do with layering (cold) vs. simplicity (hot). Studying on one topic that interests you for a while and building/rabbit hole-ing all the veins you can study (cold), vs. methodical study and note taking (hot) of a topic… more of a simmering in your study.

… and moving into the newer determination and human design digestion styles….

  • 4th color lines are about the environment, its energy, and what you need to focus and feel comfortable. Its also all about texture! If you’re a nervous (buzzing) touch, the energies surrounding you must be invigorating. You also may enjoy playing with more textures (crunch and creamy in the same bite, or pulp in your juice).
  • 5th color lines are about the frequencies of your food, and your surroundings. Its not just about listening to music while eating, or studying in silence… is also about the frequency of your food or information. I’ve found that high sound determination will also tend to like or crave fresher, raw foods and lighter foods, and like to listen to music while studying or taking in-person classes! While low sound determination may prefer a well cooked meal, or stews, and studying in the quiet of their home or a more private learning environment.
  • 6th color lines are about the environment and the quality of the light in it. Direct light determination tends to do well eating in the day-time, in well-lit natural environments, with bright decor or warm colors. Indirect light determination tends to prefer eating or studying/learning early morning or late evening, after the sun has waned. They also seem to do better in cooler color tones, or more muted decor.


While all the eating styles are intuitive and experimental, I think the 3rd and 6th color lines are very similar in the way they layer.

I hope this quick breakdown for eating for your digestion type in human design was helpful!

It most certainly gets deeper than this, so if you’d like to schedule a human design determination coaching call, message me to get one set up! We’ll cover your determination, explore what that means to you, and I’ll include recipes or rituals for your type.

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  2. John says:

    Thank you so much for putting all this information out here for others to learn from. I just found out about human design and I’m 66 years old. I’m very glad to finally be getting some information about how I operate and having the chance to make changes in my approach to life that that can help me live a better , more fulfilling experience.
    God bless you for helping. (I’m a male)

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