iPhone photo of sliced beef chuck blade roast over sweet potato mash and roasted golden veggies with a goddess tattoo on the wrist

Perfect Beef Chuck Blade Roast with Golden Beets and Carrots

This beef chuck blade roast is a hearty but nourishing oven roast that pairs perfectly with the last of this winter’s root veggies! I personally love to cook it with golden beets and carrots, but Butternut Squash, Turnips, and Parsnips (the white carrot) are also winners.   The perfect beef chuck blade roast is light […]

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Human Design chart explaining the 12 digestion types as channeled by Ru Uru Ha.

Something that’s changed my life that’d I’d love to share a little bit about today is the first transformation (the top left arrow in your body graph chart) in human design. It’s about eating for your digestion type in human design. I’ve been practicing and studying human design for a little over a year now, […]

Eating for Your Energy Type in Human Design

Human Design

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